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Here We Come

September 23, 2010 12 comments

Bunty Aur Hungry
Hello World,
We have created this blog to share our experiences on “The boys’ Kitchen” and mid night cooking. (Since we needed some motive to write)
So first, we would like to introduce our presenters to you!

Shubham Jain AKA Bunty: Bunty comes from legendary Chef family which is credited with landmarks like invention of Petha (better known as Agra Ka Petha ) and Dal Moth and his ancestors were Royal vegetarian chefs in Mughals Kitchen (After Jodha was married to Akbar, Mughals hired Vegetarian chefs to seduce hindu princesses )
Bunty’s experience in cooking is enormous . His grandmom says that the first word which Bunty said as 3 month old was “GAS” (which had little to do with his uncles farting habits.)Bunty went on to learn different vegetarian cuisines from around the world. He can now cook over 5000 Indian and Continental meals. Recently, he also experimented by inventing Kimam ka Raitha (since Bunty is from Uttar Pradesh) which brings him at peer with his family history of inventing new type of food.
Avinash Gupta AKA “Avi the Hungry”: Avi comes from prestigious Maskara family who were originally comedians at Royal courts of Gupta dynasty. (One of the symbolic regions they now use Gupta as their Surname ) Legends say that Maskaras were the one who bought PJs in great lands via silk route. They were highly respected figure in those days and were responsible for promotion of “Humour” as an art over myths like “Mathematics” in the empire.
Everyone but Avi in his family are excellent cooks. Avi’s Mother, father, Bhabhi, Sister , grand mom and even elder brother cooks brilliantly. Due to availability of great food around, Avi never thought that cooking will be necessary for him and he had been developed in to a mottu foodie.
There could be many meaningless reasons for us to write this blog but we have zeroed on few of the following:
1. Our Mission: Like all great visionaries, we have two kinds of motive of this blog.
a. Short term Motive: Since most of our cooking has come from the “The boys Kitchen” which is without the luxuries like Microwave, Electric Oven and even Mixer grinder, so we want to make millions by writing silly blogs, make millions and then buy all those kitchenwares so that we can cook more, eat more and write more.
b. Long term Motive: Bunty’s long term motive is to open a vegetarian multi-cuisine Dhaba(like all the great chefs) and Avi’s motive is to eat in that dhaba for his life for free.(strategic partnership )
2. Royal Connections: Highly irrelevant but worthy connection is that both Bunty and Avi comes from family that had royal connection. This brings a good rapport and a class apart understanding between them.
3. Mutually Exclusive: Apart from so many similarities, Avi and Bunty are mutually exclusive of their role in this blog. Like the Bunty loves to cook and the hungry loves to eat. So we will try to bring the views both as a cook and as a foodie.

Our Limitations:
1. Since both Bunty and Avi comes from sophisticated vegetarian families, do not expect chickens , prawns and porks here. However, occasional eggs may appear.
2. Few of the inventions of Bunty(like Kimam ka Raita mention above) are not yet patented and hence cannot be discussed in public forums.
3. Do not expect Vir Shangavi types nail biting food critique (as foodie here loves all kind of food ) and Sanjeev Kapoor types cooking (because the chef here is not yet married and hence has to earn his own living)

That’s all from now. We expect to publish our first recipe by this Sunday.

Happy cooking and eating
Bunty and the Hungry

Disclaimer: All the facts in the blogs are highly exaggerated and most of the bragging are not even true.

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