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X-Men- Bunty aur Hungry style

July 9, 2011 6 comments

Bunty Aur Hungry Style tribute to one of the best comics series in the world:

Once Upon a time…..

Professor Charles Francis Xavier was sitting in his long flight from New Delhi to New York. With him , were his 2 new recruits for his Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. These seven year olds were not giving him pleasant ride.

On his right was a fat kid who had already spilled two glasses of iced-tea and already ordered the 3rd glass. Every 15 minutes, he complained about the quality of food on board and how badly the chef has mixed the species. The name of the kid was Bunty.

On his left, there was another fat kid who was making most of his first class ticket. Endlessly ordering something to eat, he already ate a lot for a seven year old. Occasionally exploding smelly farts, he was nothing but the pain for the veteran. The stewardess on plane had no option but to tolerate the behavior of the kid given the stature of accompany he had. For Professor, it was not an easy recruit as they both were first of their kind.  They were “Food Mutants”

Real story

Early Life at the X-Mansion

Not much to everyone’ surprise, the duo didnt like the life at the mansion. They were too different from others. Others in the mansion had doubts of their recruitment. Scott a.k.a Cyclops  questioned the professor’s judgement because he felt that they were neither gift to the world and nor the curse. But the professor sensed that their abilities will someday help the world and with proper training they can become good asset to the team.

However, Charles fear came true. Both Bunty and Hungry decided to leave the mansion and return to India. They wowed never to come back. On a good note to the Professor , they promised to never misuse their powers.

Special Powers

Bunty: Bunty is the super-generic mutant chef . Some of his notable super-powers are as under:

1. Tele-food-pathy: One of the special ability of Bunty can communicate with foods, can judge their state of preparation from notable distance and can also find out ways to make them taste better.

2. Jet-chopping: Bunty can chop at the speed of jet-plane’s speed without ever hurting himself.

3. Taste Manipulation: Bunty can control the food and can manipulate them . He can save them from becoming rotten and can protect them from fungus and other natural exposure.

Hungry: Hungry is super food hogger who can eat as much as he wants becuase of his following abilities:

1. Quick Digestion: One of the super-abilities of Hungry is that he can digest as soon as he eats. He can also manipulate his digestion when food is scare. Hungry’s taste bud can identity more than million kinds of herbs and species.

2. Super-Farts: This is one of his Illuminati power that he can fart at will, controlling its smell, sound and direction.

3. Tele-portation: When Hungry farts at a speed of 50 fart units(500 times faster than ordinary farts!), he can experience brief teleportation. in the opposite direction of the fart.


However, spite of being powerful food mutants, the duo do not use their abilities and enjoy their life as normal being.



Bunty Aur Hungry

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