X-Men- Bunty aur Hungry style

July 9, 2011 6 comments

Bunty Aur Hungry Style tribute to one of the best comics series in the world:

Once Upon a time…..

Professor Charles Francis Xavier was sitting in his long flight from New Delhi to New York. With him , were his 2 new recruits for his Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. These seven year olds were not giving him pleasant ride.

On his right was a fat kid who had already spilled two glasses of iced-tea and already ordered the 3rd glass. Every 15 minutes, he complained about the quality of food on board and how badly the chef has mixed the species. The name of the kid was Bunty.

On his left, there was another fat kid who was making most of his first class ticket. Endlessly ordering something to eat, he already ate a lot for a seven year old. Occasionally exploding smelly farts, he was nothing but the pain for the veteran. The stewardess on plane had no option but to tolerate the behavior of the kid given the stature of accompany he had. For Professor, it was not an easy recruit as they both were first of their kind.  They were “Food Mutants”

Real story

Early Life at the X-Mansion

Not much to everyone’ surprise, the duo didnt like the life at the mansion. They were too different from others. Others in the mansion had doubts of their recruitment. Scott a.k.a Cyclops  questioned the professor’s judgement because he felt that they were neither gift to the world and nor the curse. But the professor sensed that their abilities will someday help the world and with proper training they can become good asset to the team.

However, Charles fear came true. Both Bunty and Hungry decided to leave the mansion and return to India. They wowed never to come back. On a good note to the Professor , they promised to never misuse their powers.

Special Powers

Bunty: Bunty is the super-generic mutant chef . Some of his notable super-powers are as under:

1. Tele-food-pathy: One of the special ability of Bunty can communicate with foods, can judge their state of preparation from notable distance and can also find out ways to make them taste better.

2. Jet-chopping: Bunty can chop at the speed of jet-plane’s speed without ever hurting himself.

3. Taste Manipulation: Bunty can control the food and can manipulate them . He can save them from becoming rotten and can protect them from fungus and other natural exposure.

Hungry: Hungry is super food hogger who can eat as much as he wants becuase of his following abilities:

1. Quick Digestion: One of the super-abilities of Hungry is that he can digest as soon as he eats. He can also manipulate his digestion when food is scare. Hungry’s taste bud can identity more than million kinds of herbs and species.

2. Super-Farts: This is one of his Illuminati power that he can fart at will, controlling its smell, sound and direction.

3. Tele-portation: When Hungry farts at a speed of 50 fart units(500 times faster than ordinary farts!), he can experience brief teleportation. in the opposite direction of the fart.


However, spite of being powerful food mutants, the duo do not use their abilities and enjoy their life as normal being.



Bunty Aur Hungry


Return of Bunty Aur Hungry

July 3, 2011 4 comments

Its not easy to live a life in exile. Over past few months, we have received numerous mails from our fans mainly with concerns about the cracks between the duo. The uprising of the fans reached to its boiling point when group of extremist fans announced that they would go on hunger strike. As a foodist, both Hungry and Bunty  denounce the use of hunger strike as protest.

We, with our heart aching for those who are hungry for our cause decided to come out of exile and do what we wanted the most. We are coming back to this blog with our same old promise.”to entertain you with our food experience and our food fantasies.”

We know that this doesn’t answer most of your questions. Why would we stop writing when this blog bought us world full of fame?

The answer is simple. It bought us no money!!(ouch)

As the days passed by, both Bunty and Hungry got busy in their real world. While Bunty was trying to catch the latter of corporate world to become the top pro in MNC company, Hungry took the other way and is trying to build his own company which would one day become multi-billion corporation. ()

But now, we promise to be back to our playground. After all, all you need is love.. And this is were we get all our love..

So people, fasten your seat belt :   Coz “We are BAck

"Say no to Hunger"

We want to thank every one who gave us support and love. Here are few words from our celebratory fans:

“Whats the point of eating if bunty is not cooking”

-Anna Hazare (social activist)

“If they(Bunty and Hungry) wont write again, I wont act again. Dhoom 3 will be my last movie”

-Uday Chopra (self claimed actor, son of his father)

“I will make a statue and dedicate a park in their name if they come back”

– Mayawati (politician and collector)

P.S: We neither want Anna to stop protesting, neither we want Uday Chopra to act again. Also, we dont want statue or park with our name. We just want your love.

Read few of our last few posts to refresh some memories.

Waiting for your comments.

(Bunty Aur Hungry)

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The Memoir of Pizza(Straight from the dairy of Pizza)

September 30, 2010 20 comments

Date: 17th September 2010,

Indian Summers

Being a celebrity food in this country is not easy. Another day has

passed with number of photoshoots, private party visits, public campaigns and other engagements. I still remember my journey from small town of Italy to American cities and now straight into Indian hearts.

The most popular food

Back in Italy, every one use to call me Margarita.  I was simple and slim. With the development of America as the new World, I was taken to America along with my compatriots like Pasta, salads and calzones. America really received me well and I immediately became very famous there. Though they changed my appearance and toppings but they never changed the feel. In America, I met this tall, dark and handsome bew, we fell in love and we got married. His name is Coke.

We were hugely celebrated couple in America and travelled around the world. But soon the dark side of getting famous came on us. Too much attention by media and paparazzi affected our personal lives and after few troubled year we wanted to leave America for some peaceful state. During that time, we scouted many countries and of all we zeroed on India. India, we thought, will allow us to live peacefully and enhance professionally.

Since then, 25 years have been passed and we really made India our new home. But it was not an easy journey in India. People use to call me with different names like Pijja, Pilja, and also sometimes Puja. They compared me with Indian breads and said I lacked the malasas. I took my time and embraced the local flavours and since then I have never looked back. Now you can find Chicken Tandori Pizza, Aloo Dam Pizza and Desi Paneer Pizza also. Coke is also enjoying India a lot and he always accompanies me wherever I go.

Last few years have been really difficult for Food Industry in India. Due to arrivals of Yankees(Hotdogs and Burgers), the competition has really showed us. Due to this reason we have to continuously try innovative ways to be different and stay in demand.

However, my last appearance was very controversial one. I was filled with silky layer of liquid cheese between my base. It made me very cheesy and very tasty. It was called Cheese Bust Pizza. The foodies around country loved it but few questioned me on moral grounds. They said that how ethical it was for me to have an additional layer of cheese. They said it was like one to the silicon plantation in the body. These criticisms really took my morale down but changes, I believe, are part of a foods’ life. How often do you come across the food like Bajara Ki Rati which has never changed its form and are even forgotten by its own people (though I greatly admire it as great food)But my life is completely different. I am so famous that my merchandises are available everywhere (Pizza bread, Pizza bun, Pizza cheese, Pizza sauce etc.).

Last night, I was catching with my friend Pasta and we discussed the taste of modern india. How similar it is becoming to Americas’ where we lived for many years. I was also joking with her that she will be soon “Haldiramed” (“Haldiramed” in the food world is worst thing that can happen to a foreign food in India. Haldiram try to make these foods in their style and at the end of the day every food has a same taste)

Well, its late in the night and I think that I should call off for sleep. Tomorrow is another busy day for us. Few birthday parties, office lunches, Fat wedding dinners are scheduled for tomorrow. Coke has a ad-shoot with few cricketers and film stars. Getting some sleep would be a good idea.

Good Night,


Note from Bunty and Hungry: The story of Pizza’s life has really touched our hearts. So, we want to give our tribute to Pizza for her contribution in the food world. We have ordered a double cheese bust pizza with coke.(yes, we like silicon pizza!)

Happy cooking and Happy Eating,

Bunty Aur Hungry

Happily Married: Coke with Pizza

(Shubham and Avi)

P.S: The story featured in the blog is copied from the personal diary of Pizza. Please do not  let Pizza know about it.

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Dahi Sandwich

September 25, 2010 12 comments

Dahi (Curd) Sandwich
We never expected that our blog would be even read by anyone, but the response from the readers is truly delightful. We registered around 3,50,000 clicks on our single post(ahh……kash)
Without wasting too much time we will take you to the recipe.
Today’s recipe is simple to cook and you don’t need much knowledge of kitchen
Dahi (Curd) Sandwich
Bunty’s innovative kitchen experience has delighted Avi so many times. Dahi Sandwich can be your workday breakfast, post work meal or mid night snack.
Preparation Time:- 10-15 min(For Bunty, its 5 minutes show)
Serves: 2(1 in case of Avi)
4 slices of bread ()can also try brown, multi-grain or zera bread)
2 tbsp Small Mustard Seeds
250gm Hung curd
1 Finely Chopped Capsicum
1 Finely Chopped Onion
2 Green Chillies
1 tbsp Black Pepper
Pinch of Salt
Method to Prepare:-
1.) Take a bowl and put hung curd, capsicum. Onion. Green chillies, pinch of salt and black pepper and mix it well.
2.) Heat 1tbsp of oil in a spoon with some mustard seeds and when mustard seeds starts crackling mix it with the batter prepared above.(like we put tadka)
3.) Spread the batter on the bread and cover it with another slice of bread.
4.) Take a non-stick pan and put 1 tbsp oil and 10-12 mustard seeds on it and when mustard seeds starts crackling place the sandwich on it. Toast it till it gets brown and same way toast the other side also.(You can also grilled it in grill sandwich maker)
5.) Your Dahi Sandwich is ready, Serve it hot with tomato ketchup and/or mustard sauce.

We strongly recommend you following with our Dahi Sandwich:
1. Avi’s experience says that Dahi sandwich tastes best when you are watching the movie, “Phool aur kaathe”(Reference: Random Movie-food compatibility Test )
2. Use of sweety Supari as an mouthfresher will give better results.
3. Overeating of Dahi Sandwich may give you mirage of you being constipated.
Thats all from us this week. We hope you will try Dahi Sandwich in your kitchen soon. Don’t forget to send your feedback.

Happy cooking and Eating,
Bunty and (Avi)Hungry

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Here We Come

September 23, 2010 12 comments

Bunty Aur Hungry
Hello World,
We have created this blog to share our experiences on “The boys’ Kitchen” and mid night cooking. (Since we needed some motive to write)
So first, we would like to introduce our presenters to you!

Shubham Jain AKA Bunty: Bunty comes from legendary Chef family which is credited with landmarks like invention of Petha (better known as Agra Ka Petha ) and Dal Moth and his ancestors were Royal vegetarian chefs in Mughals Kitchen (After Jodha was married to Akbar, Mughals hired Vegetarian chefs to seduce hindu princesses )
Bunty’s experience in cooking is enormous . His grandmom says that the first word which Bunty said as 3 month old was “GAS” (which had little to do with his uncles farting habits.)Bunty went on to learn different vegetarian cuisines from around the world. He can now cook over 5000 Indian and Continental meals. Recently, he also experimented by inventing Kimam ka Raitha (since Bunty is from Uttar Pradesh) which brings him at peer with his family history of inventing new type of food.
Avinash Gupta AKA “Avi the Hungry”: Avi comes from prestigious Maskara family who were originally comedians at Royal courts of Gupta dynasty. (One of the symbolic regions they now use Gupta as their Surname ) Legends say that Maskaras were the one who bought PJs in great lands via silk route. They were highly respected figure in those days and were responsible for promotion of “Humour” as an art over myths like “Mathematics” in the empire.
Everyone but Avi in his family are excellent cooks. Avi’s Mother, father, Bhabhi, Sister , grand mom and even elder brother cooks brilliantly. Due to availability of great food around, Avi never thought that cooking will be necessary for him and he had been developed in to a mottu foodie.
There could be many meaningless reasons for us to write this blog but we have zeroed on few of the following:
1. Our Mission: Like all great visionaries, we have two kinds of motive of this blog.
a. Short term Motive: Since most of our cooking has come from the “The boys Kitchen” which is without the luxuries like Microwave, Electric Oven and even Mixer grinder, so we want to make millions by writing silly blogs, make millions and then buy all those kitchenwares so that we can cook more, eat more and write more.
b. Long term Motive: Bunty’s long term motive is to open a vegetarian multi-cuisine Dhaba(like all the great chefs) and Avi’s motive is to eat in that dhaba for his life for free.(strategic partnership )
2. Royal Connections: Highly irrelevant but worthy connection is that both Bunty and Avi comes from family that had royal connection. This brings a good rapport and a class apart understanding between them.
3. Mutually Exclusive: Apart from so many similarities, Avi and Bunty are mutually exclusive of their role in this blog. Like the Bunty loves to cook and the hungry loves to eat. So we will try to bring the views both as a cook and as a foodie.

Our Limitations:
1. Since both Bunty and Avi comes from sophisticated vegetarian families, do not expect chickens , prawns and porks here. However, occasional eggs may appear.
2. Few of the inventions of Bunty(like Kimam ka Raita mention above) are not yet patented and hence cannot be discussed in public forums.
3. Do not expect Vir Shangavi types nail biting food critique (as foodie here loves all kind of food ) and Sanjeev Kapoor types cooking (because the chef here is not yet married and hence has to earn his own living)

That’s all from now. We expect to publish our first recipe by this Sunday.

Happy cooking and eating
Bunty and the Hungry

Disclaimer: All the facts in the blogs are highly exaggerated and most of the bragging are not even true.

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